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The Best Instagram Spots in Sacramento

One of my favorite ways to explore a new city (and even my own!) is to hunt down all the best Instagram spots! I search the city’s location through the “Places” section on Instagram’s search bar and start scrolling + screenshotting away!

Doing this allows me to explore hidden gems I otherwise would have never found on my own. And on top of that, I get really cool pictures of my own to remember those experiences by!

My hometown is Sacramento, California. Sactown isn’t always on the top of everyone’s bucket list; however, we have some incredibly awesome Insta-worthy spots that I wanted to share with the rest of the world! Hopefully this blog post will make you want to visit one day! And if you’re local, I hope that it encourages you to get out of the house + explore some of these places you didn’t even know were in our city!

To visit any of these locations, just type the name into your maps app + it will take you directly there (unless I’ve put the address in parenthesis, then enter that instead!)


#1 Crocker Art Museum

This museum is definitely worth checking out! And the beautiful exteriors of both buildings are just an added bonus.


#2 Subtile by Federico Diaz

Such a beautiful art installation in the most random location, right off the bike trail on the river close to Drakes: The Barn. We parked on the street, walked across the field, + walked up the trail (in these shoes! lol) to get to it. Worth it in my opinion!

PS: the installation also makes noise with the wind! 


#3 Jungle Wall

(Address: 1800 12th Street, Sacramento)

As you explore Downtown Sacramento, you'll quickly see that there are insta-worthy wall murals around every corner! This one gave me "Jungle Cruise" vibes so it's one of my favorites.


#4 River Walk Park

A great way to enjoy Sacramento is by walking up + down the River Walk. Head over to Old Town afterwards for a snack + shopping. Don't forget to snap a picture in front of the Tower Bridge!


#5 Pink Wall

(Address: 1730 12th Street, Sacramento)

I was always seeing this wall pop up on my Instagram feed + had NO idea where it was! Needless to say, I was very excited when we accidentally ran into it. The best part? It's just down the street from the Jungle Wall! Two for one!


#6 Old Sacramento

An obvious addition to the list of Sactown Instagram picture spots is Old Sacramento. Plenty of parking available + tons of different places you can take fun pictures!


#7 Tower Theater in Old Roseville

Not in the mood to drive to downtown? Hit up Old Roseville for this cool shot in front of the Tower Theater (which still plays movies!)


#8 Goodside Coffee

(Address: 1430 H Street, Sacramento)

How insta-worthy is this wall?! Grab a delicious cup of coffee (or tea like me if you also aren't a coffee drinker!) + soak up the aesthetic of this cute coffeeshop.


#9 Folsom Palladio Outdoor Mall

The Palladio is a perfect place to take instagrammable pictures. I mean, look at those palm trees!


#10 Drake’s: The Barn

Last on my list is Drake's: The Barn, an outdoor gathering place with a beer garden, pizzeria, + 3 stages for live music! The architecture of this venue is just breathtaking + you will definitely have a blast here as well.


Thank you so much for reading my blog on "The Best Instagram Spots in Sacramento"! I hope you found it helpful + are able to explore some of these incredible spots in my city.

Have any questions or just want to be friends? Send me a DM and follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE!




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My name is Kimberly Cobb and  I'm a Lifestyle Blogger + Podcast Host living in San Diego, California! I'm also a fashion lover, Pomeranian mom, + travel girlie! I use this blog to share my favorite places, people, and products for thousands of women all over the world!

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