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My Day Trip to San Antonio, Texas

My sister, Pomeranian, + I recently took a day trip from Austin to San Antonio, Texas + we had such a great time! We wanted to get in the holiday spirit by seeing the San Antonio Riverwalk lights for the first time and it did not disappoint. (It was, however, extremely cold so make sure to bundle up if you're planning on going!)

In this blog post, I will be sharing pictures + details from the day trip! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram @kimberlycobb. Enjoy reading!




My sister picked me + Louis up and we hit the road! Our first stop... Buc-ee's of course! We grabbed a few snacks and drinks, including the iconic Beaver Nuggets! (if you've never had these... you NEED to!)

A friend of mine recommending eating at Down on Grayson and it did not disappoint! They had heaters on the patio too, which was awesome because it was chilly! I ordered a yummy mocktail, my sister ordered wine, and we also got the brussel sprouts and french onion soup.

Extra bonus: the bathroom was dog-themed! So cute!

After lunch, we decided to explore an area called The Pearl. There is a bunch of nice restaurants, cute shops, and beautiful architecture. Looks like a movie set!

I cannot emphasize enough how cold it was this day we decided to go... 30 degrees with wind chill! So after walking around for a bit, we decided to take a break and grab a warm beverage at The Bakery Lorraine. We also got some macarons!

When the sun finally began to set, we headed straight to the San Antonio Riverwalk! Tip: park in the shopping mall parking garage and you'll enter the Riverwalk from inside the mall!



Bundle up if you're planning a trip to the San Antonio Riverwalk during wintertime! I wore several layers and was still freezing. Don't let that hold you back though. It's worth it :)


Thank you so much for reading this blog post- I hope you found it helpful! I had a great time in San Antonio! As always, send me a DM on Instagram here if you have any questions or want to be friends!




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My name is Kimberly Cobb and  I'm a Lifestyle Blogger + Podcast Host living in San Diego, California! I'm also a fashion lover, Pomeranian mom, + travel girlie! I use this blog to share my favorite places, people, and products for thousands of women all over the world!

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