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My Quick Trip to Chicago

I went to Chicago for the first time ever and absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, I was only in the city for a short amount of time so I will definitely need to visit again soon so I can hit up all the major tourist spots too! (I didn't even get to see The Bean! RIP)

In this blog post, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite spots I did get to check out while in Chi Town! Or if you're not a reader, check out THIS TIKTOK VIDEO recap of my trip!





We walked so much while in Chicago! There was so much to see in so little time, so I'm very grateful that I wore tennis shoes as it felt like we walked through the entire city! The weather also changed so much in just two days. Overcast skies and super windy on Day 1 (first picture) and clear blue skies on Day 2 (second picture)!



I visited a friend who was staying at this hotel and let me just say... it is stunning! If you ever get the chance to stay here, I'd totally recommend it! The views are incredible, the location is great, and the building itself is absolutely gorgeous. Peep this huge mirror for mirror selfies!





I had no clue that there would be so many donut shops in Chicago! It seems like there was one on every corner lol. We hit up Stan's Donuts and I'd 10/10 recommend! I got an Apple Cinnamon Old Fashioned Donut and am still thinking about it to this day... I mean, look how good that looks!

Check out THIS TIKTOK VIDEO I made about my experience here!



Another meal I can't stop thinking about... the sushi I got at Friends Sushi! We decided upon this restaurant solely based on Yelp reviews and I'm so glad we did. We got a shrimp tempura sushi, spicy edamame, teriyaki chicken, and wine! Check out THIS TIKTOK VIDEO to see more about my experience here!


I had such an amazing time in Chicago and, as I mentioned earlier, I did not get to spend enough time here and will definitely have to make another trip!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! As always, send me a DM on Instagram here if you have any questions or want to be friends!




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My name is Kimberly Cobb and  I'm a Lifestyle Blogger. TV Personality, + Podcast Host from California now living in Austin, Texas! I'm also a San Diego State alumna, Pomeranian mom, + travel lover! I use this blog to share my favorite places, people, and products for thousands of women all over the world!

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