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Best (+ Comfiest!) Travel Outfit

I will never understand how someone wears jeans while traveling... like there's now way they can be comfortable sitting on an airplane for several hours wearing those right?! When it comes to travel, I definitely prefer comfort over fashion. But who says you can't do both?

In this blog post, I'll be sharing my go-to travel fit. Everything will be linked below but if you have any questions feel free to send me a DM on Instagram!

Kimberly Cobb wearing Amazon Outfit


The key to comfort while traveling is wearing layers and wearing materials that are stretchy and breathable. You never know how hot or cold your plane is going to be... so be prepared for anything! My go-to outfit includes a tank, a zip up, yoga pants, comfy sneakers, and a solid backpack with lots of compartments and room for extra items (this backpack is holding my laptop, book, camera, snacks, charger, AND an extra pullover!)

Everything I'm wearing is linked here:


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My name is Kimberly Cobb and  I'm a Lifestyle Blogger + Podcast Host living in San Diego, California! I'm also a fashion lover, Pomeranian mom, + travel girlie! I use this blog to share my favorite places, people, and products for thousands of women all over the world!

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